Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Reclaimed Wood Shelves Water Faucet

A floating shelve is a good solution for small space since it offers a good storage solution with no space of your floors needed. Moreover, you can do it yourself the floating shelf for your small home. Any kinds if woods can be used for making a floating shelf, including reclaimed wood. Build your own reclaimed wood shelves will be so much fun and less budgeting.

Firstly, you need cut four inches boards for the top and bottom of the shelves and cut 12 more boards for the sides. With this number of boards, you can create six shelves. The measured of the boards depends on you, so just decide how long you want your shelves will be. If you finish cutting the boards, cut a 45 degrees angle with a miter saw at the end. After that, you can construct the boards to build six shelves, which each structure should be glued and nailed. If this step is done, you will end up with a long rectangular tube. Mark your walls to determine where you will put some 2×3 boards for attaching the shelves. Before placing the boards to the wall, you should drill some holes for screwing the boards. If the boards have been screwed, slide the shelves to them. For completing the reclaimed wood shelves you’ve made, you can add a drawer into one of the shelf. Using thin plywood for the bottom and 1×2 boards for the sides, then with a little glue, nail them together. Now you have very great floating shelves completed with a drawer for more storage solution.

When making your own reclaimed wood shelves, you should be aware when sliding into the boards in your wall. This is because reclaimed wood is such an old wood that will slightly loose or too snug when sliding the shelves. So, you need to add more screws from the top to the shelf down to the boards.

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