Practical Function of Trey Ceiling

Have you ever heard of trey ceiling before? Ah, I forget, most of you know it as a step ceiling, do you? For any homeowners on the entire world, step ceiling is a great addition for any house with design. It has certain functions. It boosts the look of the house as we speak about aesthetic [...]

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Tray Ceilings – Creates an Illusion of Additional Height

Most homeowners tend to overlook the presence of the ceiling and put serious attention on any other parts of the house like wall and flooring. Yet, with well-chosen kind of ceiling decoration, your house will look amazing. There are so many things you could do with the ceiling decoration and one of them might be [...]

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Room Paint Colors Mood

Colors are able to create mood, it is something for sure. They also have the capability of making someone’s day before going to work or after spent a hectic and tiring day of working. So, in order to help people choose the best colors for their living space, here below are the things related to [...]

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Walk-in Closet Design Ideas

Walk-in closets give you the space to accommodate your stuffs so that there is no clutter will occur. There are of course many designs of this walk-in closet which homeowners can choose. It can come in various type and size. Started from the one where someone can actually stand inside, and also the one which [...]

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Portable Kitchen Islands for Stylish Kitchen Decoration

Adding an island is a great way in adding extra counter space as well as storage space and breakfast bar. You can even design and build your own island if you have the skill. So in order you have desire to make an island on your own, then you will need to know that there [...]

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Houses Built from Shipping Containers

With the price of wood and other home building material sky rocketing, the need of another home alternative is surely high. The shipping containers answer that demand. Not only far cheaper, they also durable and can stay for long time. I can guarantee they will not succumb if there is any earth quake happens. Yes, [...]

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Discount Accent Chairs

When decorating your home design, details need to be added in order to create more interesting and fancy look in your home design. Most people play with accents when they need to add more details in their home. The accents can be found in any items, it can be rugs, curtains, and even chairs. Accents [...]

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Garage Plans with Apartments

The garage is another important part of the house we have to pay serious attention at as it has so many functions rather than just a place to store the cars. On this modern era, people use the garage to also store the things around the house. There are so many things you could do [...]

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Fancy Decoration of Modern Kitchen Tables

When talking about modern style, clean shape and also simplicity (without too many ornaments) are the images which we will find. It will be the same for everything which adopts modern style, whether it is a room, furniture, and etc. Kitchen is one of the house’s parts that seem got the impact of modernity. Nowadays [...]

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