Wall Mounted Shelving Units

I am not the one who will use the times to deny that for the most cluttered place in the house, garage is the one that matters. That is right—most people on the entire world will agree once I mentioned about such a fact and it could be the reason why shelving units, especially wall mounted [...]

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Under Water Hotel Room

There are so many various hotels in the world. All of them compete to attract people to stay overnight in their company by giving some attractive and interesting services. Under water hotel room is an example of some kinds of great hotels. It sometimes offers a pretty nice relaxation for you when having a long journey, or [...]

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DIY Floating Shelves

A floating shelf can be a great space solution for small space. This is because the common problem of small space is storage space. A small space needs a storage that won’t spend much space, but can keep many items. DIY floating shelves are creating a space storage solution. Deciding how long your floating shelf [...]

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Make Your Room More Beautiful by Painting Popcorn Ceiling

Most homeowners on the entire world will take the decision right away to remove the popcorn ceiling they do have in the house. Indeed, plenty options are available for you to do, but painting popcorn ceiling should be on the top of the list thing to do this time. Yeah, that really is right—instead of removing the [...]

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Indoor Glass Walls

Glass wall is one of the features of modern home design. These walls are great dividers especially for small homes. This is because glass walls is kind of a clean divider that will make a room doesn’t look boxy. Having Indoor glass walls in homes look like they don’t offer any privacy, but this is how you [...]

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Awesome House Made of Glass

House made of glass is a kind of modern architecture that has been used for many houses today. This house design brings more light to the house through the glazed walls and because of the transparency, this design offer both indoor and outdoor feeling of the house while the homeowners can enjoy the beautiful of the [...]

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Bathroom Dream Design Ideas

Although bathroom is a high-level humidity place, many people like to decorate their bathroom very beautifully. Most of them have a desired to reach their bathroom dream design ideas that will create a stunning look in their bathroom. Everyone will have their own dream bathroom designs, but there are some things that will be appropriate to be [...]

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Window Seats with Storage

When you need to attain additional seating space, it should be such a better idea of you to bring a window seat to a room. The window seats not only bring you more value of the house in general term, but also could make the experience enjoying the panorama in the evening becomes really great, [...]

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